This Unruly Airplane Passenger Almost Took Out The Co-Pilot

A "confused passenger" spiraled out of control during a flight from Amsterdam to Beijing, wounding the plane's co-pilot in the process.

Being above the clouds can really mess with your brain chemistry, at least that’s what one might assume based on some of the unfathomable incidents that have occurred on airplanes lately.

A passenger aboard a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight reportedly “slightly wounded” the co-pilot on the way from Amsterdam to Beijing.

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The incident was described as involving a “confused passenger” who “locked himself in the toilets and inflicted slight wounds on himself” and then “slightly wounded the co-pilot in one of the kitchens in the cabin.”

On the “bright” side of the situation that could have ended much worse, other passengers bravely subdued the unruly person despite the fact they were armed with a shop object.

It’s a relief they were able to stop him from hurting others and also serves as a reminder that people can ban together for the greater good.

"It was a frightening situation," a Dutch passenger reportedly told De Telegraaf.

The flight continued as the passenger was restrained to a seat and landed safely in Beijing. 

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