Woman Creates Registry For America's Biggest Threat: White Men

A New Yorker created a satirical “white male registry” in response to the probability of the Trump administration reinstating a Muslim registry.

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Since Donald Trump won the presidential election, there has been much waffling from his staff over whether or not (or how) they will create a Muslim registry. Just recently, soon-to-be Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus said that he’s “not going to rule out anything,” indicating that there is a chance Trump’s government will reinstate a George W. Bush-era mandatory registration.  

In response to this flight of Islamophobia, a New York-based artist created a “white male registry” satirical project to point out the absurdity of registering an entire group of people based on their religion.

She maintained that the most threatening ethnic group to national safety was white men, and therefore they ought to be registered to protect the rest of the population.

Artist Candace Thompson posted her ironic idea to Facebook, along with a statement describing how the majority of mass shootings and rapes were perpetrated by non-Muslim, white men. Her mock registry requested that all white men living in America sign themselves up by a specified deadline, The Huffington Post reported.

Thompson wrote, “In America 57 percent of reported rapes and 64 percent of mass shootings were committed by white men. Forty-five percent of all serial killers are white men.” She offered citations which backed up her statistics.

In her Facebook post, she also addressed a “letter” to President-elect Trump, stating, “I am writing to inform you that I’ll be adding your name to the National White Men Registry I have just created. I’m trying to keep America safe from the ethnic group, that statistically speaking, poses the largest threat to national safety: white, straight, CIS-gendered men.”

Although Thompson’s concept is just, in her words, “a little art project,” she offers a valid point.

According to Bustle, white men have killed more than two times as many people as Muslims since Sep. 11 as indicated by a 2015 study. Furthermore, the FBI states that between 1980 and 2005, 94 percent of terrorist attacks in the United States were carried out by non-Muslims.

For the government to target Muslims based on their religious beliefs certainly isn’t new. But, it is worth condemning, considering that non-Muslim, white males are, in fact, the largest perpetrators of terrorist acts on U.S. soil. 

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