This Academic Year, Kids Brought More Than 185 Guns To School

Children have brought an alarming number of guns to school since the beginning of the academic year.

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Since August 2015, or the start of the current school year, kids have brought more than 185 guns to school—this exceeds the number of school days that have occurred.

It is well documented at this point how the proliferation of guns and our gun-obsessed culture have vastly increased the number of school shootings, mas shootings, and deaths due to firearms; 2015 was the first year in which the number of deaths due to guns surpassed the number of deaths due to car accidents.

This has disturbingly affected the safety of schoolchildren.  There were 64 school shootings in 2015—more than one a week.

The Trace now reports that there have been over 185 instances since August in which students in elementary, middle, and high school have brought guns to school. Reasons for this vary, but the fact that so many children have easy access to firearms is extremely troubling. As The Trace notes, “according to a 2014 Pew survey, a third of Americans with children under 18 at home keep a gun on the premises.”

Republican leaders in many states have exacerbated the problem by refusing to pass any gun control measures, and instead expanding gun availability to minors.

In Iowa, the Republican-majority House passed a law in February that removed a restriction limiting handgun access to those above 14 years of age, instead allowing children of all ages access to handguns (with “parental supervision”).

These pieces of legislation, which defy all bounds of common sense, are the reason we are seeing trends such as increases in accidental shootings by children and children bringing firearms to their schools.

Without tougher, more comprehensive gun control, we will only see these numbers grow at an alarming rate.

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