First Pittsburgh, Now Virginia Cop Gets Paid For Assaulting Suspect

Delaware cop who was suspended for exerting excessive force on a suspect is being given an incentive by the police department to continue with his violent streak.

So this is where hard-earned tax payers’ money is going—in funding police officers who have been fired for assault on unsuspecting victims.

Thomas Webster IV, a Dover police corporal was acquitted of assault charges last year after a dashcam video emerged showing him kicking a black man in the head and breaking his jaw, during a 2013 arrest. Now this same police officer is being granted a sum of $230,000 after he resigned from the police force.

After being found not guilty of felony, the white police officer returned to department’s payroll while on administrative leave, even as the black civil rights organizations called on the city to fire him. This week, it was announced that Webster’s employment with the Dover Police Department will be terminated effective from June 30 and he will not be able to seek employment in law enforcement in the state.

A settlement agreement assigns the city to pay $230,000 to Webster over six years, which amounts to roughly half his current $68,398 salary.

So even though Webster has been fired from the police department, he is still able to get a job as a law enforcement officer anywhere else in the country; as an added bonus, he also gets half his salary for not working!

This trend of paying cops for assaulting people is not just present in Delaware. Recently a Pittsburgh officer who was also on paid leave for assaulting a suspect, is now eligible to receive money for court and detail time which he did he not even work for.

While the citizens of USA are waging a war against police brutality, states like Chicago and Virginia are striving to give police more impunity and holding them less accountable for their actions.

Does this mean that all police officers who are charged with misdemeanor will eventually be rewarded for it? And how does this reduce the very real police brutality incidences that are occurring all over the country?

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