Watch The Moment Three Men Jump Onto Train Tracks To Rescue A Man

With so much hate in the world, there are still people willing to risk their lives to save a stranger.

Sumeja Tulic was strolling the streets of New York, where she had moved only nine months ago from London for graduate school.

“When the weather is good, it’s very hard to find a reason to be depressed or melancholic or dissatisfied with the city,” Tulic said.

Multiple acts of racism, discrimination and political ups and downs were dampening her moods, and she was hoping for a miracle, wanting to come across something nice to restore her faith in humanity.

“I was saying, ‘Please, God, just something nice — I want to see something nice,’” she said. “Enough of this craziness.”

As she reached the City Hall station for the R train, waiting on a bench, she noticed the station was rather empty. The next train was only two stations away, and she knew so through an announcement that has just been made.

A man was leaning against a pillar, waiting for the train to come, when suddenly he collapsed forward with a thud.

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“I thought someone carrying a heavy duffel bag dropped it on the platform,” said Rachelle Peterson, a researcher. “This man waiting for the train called out, ‘What was that sound?’ He ran over, peered over the edge, and immediately jumped onto the tracks.”

David Tirado, a security officer at a security firm in Lower Manhattan, was making his way home when he also heard a woman screaming “'Oh my God! A man just fell over on the tracks!”“and basically I just jumped straight in,” he said.

The man who had just fallen onto the tracks was not moving at all, and another person who came down to help was trying to wake him up. Suddenly, two men from the platform jumped onto the tracks and began trying to release the man from in between the tracks. The man was bleeding from the collision with the tracks.

Tulic recorded a video of the incident as the three rescuers tried to lift the man off the tracks. Some onlookers ran toward the end of the platform to notify the train operator of the emergency. Although alerts were sent to the trains, the trains were quickly advancing towards the station.

The good Samaritans rescuing the man on the tracks then propped him to a sitting position, after which they lifted him from underneath, while others lifted him from the top, rolling him onto the platform surface. The train reached the station and the man was pulled to safety just in time.

 “People getting off the train walked around this unconscious man on the platform,” an onlooker said.

The rescuers did not just leave after getting the man off the tracks but instead held his hand, telling him he’ll be fine. Paramedics soon arrived at the station, and the semi-conscious man was transported to Bellevue Hospital Center to be treated for multiple injuries. Fortunately, none of them were life-threatening.

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