Three Siblings Abandoned In Paper Bags At Birth Find Each Other

A woman in search of her birth mother found two half-siblings who shared nearly identical birth stories of being abandoned in paper bags and found by strangers..


Three half-siblings each abandoned at birth have recently found each other as adults with the help of technology and a genetic genealogist named CeCe Moore.

Janet Barnicoat was left inside a paper bag in an alleyway shortly after her birth in Lawndale, California. She was abandoned next to a dumpster with no note and her umbilical cord still attached.

A stranger found her and reported her to the police. She went into the system and was eventually adopted into a loving family.

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While Barnicoat’s story is certainly not unheard of, it’s not a conventional adoption tale. She has no birth certificate or record of her birth parents so naturally, she grew up harboring resentment, anger, and questions about her biological family.

Barnicoat — who now has five children of her own — took it upon herself to find answers to those questions and sent a saliva sample to, which is how she located her half-brother, Dean Hurdorf.

"I was checking my email, and it said that I had a possible DNA match," Barnicoat recalled. "It said that, 'You have a DNA match, close family.'"

When the two siblings first met back in 2014, they clicked immediately: “It was like we had known each other forever and … like we never skipped a beat," Hundorf, 29, reportedly told ABC News’ "20/20."

The two also learned that they shared practically identical birth stories of being left naked, in a paper bag, outdoors with their umbilical cords still attached.

"I said, 'I was abandoned at birth, and I don't have any information about any of my family.' And then that's when she said, well, you know, the same thing had happened to her," Hundorf said. "I'd imagine she did the same thing I did, was like, 'Whoa. What's going on?'"

In an attempt to find their birth mother, Hundorf and Barnicoat received help from Moore to crosscheck their DNA samples with other databases including and

Instead of finding their mother, however, they found another half-sister.

Julie Hutchison, 31, was adopted after being found by a delivery man as a newborn in the same exact condition as her siblings.

When “20/20” caught wind of their story, the news show arranged for all three siblings to meet for the first time.

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“These three people were so much alike. They had the same sense of humor. They were cracking each other up," Moore reportedly said of the introduction. "There is something about biological and genetic bonds that survives any sort of separation.”

While their biological mother’s careless and reckless choice has haunted them throughout their lives, they each were adopted by loving families and grew to be successful adults in their own rights.

It is amazing how technology was able to bring this family together, allowing them to find parts of themselves that had been missing since each of their births.

It’s also beautiful how they shared an immediate bond and found commonalities, despite never knowing each other and growing up in totally different households.

United together for the first time, the three siblings continued the search for their birth mother which will reportedly be revealed on a special segment of “20/20.”

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