Time Magazine Cover Perfectly Sums Up Trump's First Year

Portraying President Donald Trump's orange hair as a giant flame, the magazine cover depicts what has often been a tumultuous and controversial year for the president.

The new cover for Time magazine depicts a cartoon meant to represent President Donald Trump with his iconic orange hair on fire.

A small caption in the corner sums up the gravity of the image in just two words: “Year One.”

With the first anniversary of his inauguration set to commence a little more than a week from Thursday, the representation of Trump’s first 12 months in office couldn’t be more perfect.

A year that was beset with name-calling, misstatements, gaffes, investigations, embarrassing revelations, and more, certainly felt like the president was igniting new “fires” of controversy just as his handlers had put out old ones.

One of the more recent challenges plaguing this president includes several revelations from a book that put him and his administration in a less-than-favorable light. “Fire and Fury” by author Michael Wolff describes how Trump’s closest allies view him like a child, how detached of a father and husband he is, and how he is unfocused and petty on many subjects and individuals inside and out of the White House.

The book’s contents forced Trump to defend his own mental abilities, claiming in a series of tweets that he’s a “stable genius” — even while typing out the words “like, really smart” to emphasize the point in a way some have suggested is indicative of how he’s just the opposite.

Some of the highlights of Trump’s tumultuous time as president so far include:

None of the controversies above even include Trump’s less-than-stellar handling of the Russia investigation, a probe which was prompted to understand how and why agents in Russia were able to influence our elections in 2016, and which now includes discovering whether Russia and the Trump campaign colluded together in order for Trump win the presidency.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing, frequently stating that there was no collusion at all, but he may also be under investigation for possible obstruction of justice, including for firing then-FBI Director James Comey for reasons that may have dealt with Trump’s attitudes on the direction the Russia investigation was taking.

The first year of Trump’s first term in office has been a disaster, to say the least. It isn’t hyperbolic to suggest that the preservation of American democracy is under threat because of Trump’s statements and actions. If it is to survive, it will take a strong resistance movement to the president and his policies to ensure democratic rights don’t deteriorate under the dangerous precedents being established and attacks on freedoms being perpetrated by his administration.

The Time magazine cover is a perfect visualization for what has already happened under Trump’s tenure. Hopefully things will be better by next January, and Time's cover won’t depict a president whose second year in office has been even worse.

Banner / Thumbnail : Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

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