Time Magazine Cover Shows Trump Is 'In Deep' With Latest Controversies

The latest cover is the third in a series that shows President Donald Trump behind the desk in his Oval Office — except this time, he's floating in water.

Time magazine’s latest cover depicts President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. But rather than sitting at his desk, as artist Tim O’Brien has depicted him in cover art in the past, Trump is floating in a fully-flooded White House, his head unseen, cut off by the top of the magazine cover.

The caption for this work of art brilliantly reads, “In Deep.”

This is the third in a series of covers O’Brien has made depicting Trump in a similar manner. His first, published in just the first few weeks after the inauguration, showed Trump sitting at the desk, wind blowing strongly onto him, shuffling papers on his desk. For that February 2017 cover, the caption read, “Nothing to See Here.”

The second cover in the series, which was published in April of this year, showed an updated look at that Oval Office. No longer facing just windy weather, the office was now half-flooded, with Trump remaining steadfastly at the desk despite the bad conditions. The imagery in that picture dealt with “the firings, the scandals and the general mayhem [that] filled each news cycle” in the Trump White House, according to O’Brien.

Although he didn’t mention Stormy Daniels by name in his description of the art, it was seemingly implied that she was part of the numerous scandals being described by O’Brien in the second cover of the series. In fact, the caption on that cover read, “Stormy.

The “In Deep” cover continues the theme. Now completely flooded, Trump doesn’t sit behind his desk any longer, but rather floats several feet above it.

O’Brien explained why.

“I felt that it was too comical or perhaps morbid to see him sitting there,” he said. “But to have him at the top suggests he’s still fighting despite the deepening issues.”

The newest cover is indeed appropriate; Trump is having one of the worst weeks of his presidency, and all signs point to things getting worse before it gets better for the president. His former lawyer “flipped” on him, agreeing to turn over evidence implicating Trump of election fraud to federal authorities. The former head of his campaign was also convicted of eight counts of financial crimes.

The “In Deep” Time cover makes sense because Trump is, indeed, in deep. There’s no telling what will happen next, but many people see no way out for this president, who is so deeply embroiled in controversial, and possibly criminal, scandals.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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