Time Magazine Imagines Trump As A King — Which He's Probably Done, Too

The most recent Time magazine cover shows President Donald Trump in a mirror, imagining himself looking like a king. If we're not careful, it could become real.

The latest cover of Time magazine depicts President Donald Trump standing before a mirror and seeing his reflection wearing apparel more fitting for a king.

Donning a crown and seemingly admiring his image, the Time cover is accompanied with a caption reading, “King Me.”

The articles within the latest edition of the magazine include dire warnings about Trump’s attempts to derail the Russia investigation, and how, if he’s successful, it will come at the expense of our democracy. Among the many issues involved in Trump’s strategy, none are more concerning than the assertion of powers he’s claiming as chief executive of the United States government, the magazine claims.

For example, in a memo sent to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, Trump’s legal counsel asserted that any obstruction of justice on the part of the president would be essentially moot, given that the president is in charge of the executive branch of the federal government, and the Department of Justice falls under his purview. They also assert that the president cannot be compelled to follow the order of a subpoena from Mueller.

If those standards are accepted, either by Mueller or the other branches of government, the pronunciation by Time that Trump has attained king-like powers wouldn’t be that far off.

We’ve been led to believe for the better part of of our nation’s history that this is a government of laws, not men. But Trump has provided us no reason to believe he intends to stick by that standard, due to his legal team’s many assertions that he’s above the law and can somehow even pardon himself.


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