Time Cover Is A Powerful Reminder That The Resistance Is Far From Over

The powerful new cover of Time Magazine is a proof that Women’s March on Washington was bigger than a protest. It became a movement.



The Time Magazine marked President Donald Trump’s first week in office with a powerful new cover applauding the historic Women’s March that drew almost 500,000 people (in the Washington, D.C. area alone) to protest against the sexist billionaire a day after his inauguration.

The motivational cover, featuring the now famous “pussy hat” along with the headline “The Resistance Rises,” is a strong reminder that one of the largest protests in the U.S. history was just the beginning of the resistance against the lewd man who once bragged about molesting women and fantasized about dating a 10 year old.

“There is no precedent in U.S. history for the show of collective outrage that answered Trump's Inauguration,” wrote Time’s Karl Vick for the magazine’s cover story. “But then, there is no precedent for Trump, either: impetuous, thin-skinned and, for his trouble, entering office facing a grassroots opposition that heated up faster than a cup of ramen.”

The march wasn’t just about women’s rights, it was for and about everyone who would be marginalized in Trump’s America – the racial minorities, the religious minorities, the poor and so on.

“After the election, as interest in the Women's March swelled online, it became clear that a pro-women's-rights event that also convened an array of marginalized populations was getting far more traction than protests billed as just anti-Trump,” Karl added. “By the look of the demonstrations, the Access Hollywood tape also became a uniquely unifying factor. What Trump dismissed as ‘locker-room banter’ – ‘I moved on her like a b****,’ ‘Grab them by the p****,’ ‘You can do anything’ – gave Jan. 21 its palette (pink), its signature attire (the pussy hat) and its rules of engagement.”

It was historic demonstration that will forever be remembered as the beginning of resistance against racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and intolerance.

The Women’s March, which drew over 3 million people worldwide, was not just a moment… it was the start of a movement.

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It’s time to rise up!

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