4 Times Bernie Sanders’ Surrogates Stepped Way Out Of Line

The Democratic presidential candidate has been forced to clean the mess created by his campaign surrogates one too many times now.

Bernie Sanders might be enjoying support from many of your favorite celebrities, but he also appears to have developed a big (and potentially troublesome) surrogate problem.

The White House hopeful has lately been busy cleaning the mess created by his multitude of over-enthusiastic stand-ins.

For instance, during the recent rally in New York City, Sanders surrogate Dr. Paul Song caused outrage by regarding rival presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as “corporate Democratic wh***.” Although the healthcare activist later apologized for his phrasing and clarified he was not talking about the former secretary of state, the fury is yet to die down.


Similarly, actress Rosario Dawson also sparked outrage by attacking the Democratic front-runner on an issue that Sanders campaign has kept its distance from. Actor and activist Tim Robinson and rapper Killer Mike are also names worth mentioning when it comes to surrogates who got Sanders in trouble.

Watch the video above to find out how some surrogates crossed the line while campaigning for the Vermont senator.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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