10 Times Donald Trump And His Cronies Denied Having Ties With Russia

Here are 10 instances President Donald Trump and the members of his administration denied having any links to the Kremlin.

No matter how hard they try to run away from it, President Donald Trump and his entire administration just cannot seem to get rid of the controversy surrounding their alleged ties with Russia. In fact, with each passing day, the entire scandal seems to get messier and a lot more complex than most had thought it would.

Even before the United States (or the Electoral College, to be precise) elected him to the Oval Office, rumors of the business mogul’s alleged connections to Russia and President Vladimir Putin were a hot topic. However, things got a lot more intense and frighteningly real after Trump’s victory, when the CIA revealed it had information indicating Russia deliberately meddled in the election to help elect Trump president.

That was months ago. Since then, the commander-in-chief and his administration, along with former campaign officials, have vehemently denied allegations of collusion with the Kremlin.

However, the revelation that president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met a Russian lawyer shortly after the business mogul clinched the Republican nomination last year to discuss information on former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, which came in part from the Russian intelligence’s effort to help Trump’s candidacy, has once again raised many suspicions.

Check out 10 instances where Trump and Co. denied having any links to the Kremlin in the video above.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters/Carlos Barria

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