Video Shows Tiny Rat Scaring The Lights Out Of A Burly Cop

It only took a wee rodent to send this burly cop into hysterics.

A Florida police officer got the fright of his life when he ran into a rat in a police department in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Surveillance footage, which is a minute long, shows the police officer casually walking down a corridor, when suddenly a rat comes running out of a corner. The officer — who looks to be about 6 feet tall and heavily muscled — gives a small leap to avoid the rat and then rushes down the corridor, waving his arms and looking completely freaked out.

The video below shows the exact moment of encounter between the two.


As soon as the rodent disappears into another room, the officer gets a hold of his composure and then furtively looks around to make sure no one noticed his freak out.

People took to Twitter to share their reaction to the hilarious moment.




This is not the first time when tiny creatures have made humans freak out. Recently, an 18-year-old woman jumped out of her car, leaving the vehicle in neutral and her handbreak half on, when a large huntsman spider dropped out from under the visor, scaring her half to death. The unoccupied vehicle started rolling toward the water and before anyone could do anything, the car plunged into the sea.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Christian Hartmann

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