To Fox News, The Rob Porter Scandal Doesn’t Exist

President Donald Trump's favorite news outlet seems to have chosen to ignore the Rob Porter scandal for several hours. They even forgot to ask White House adviser Kellyanne Conway about it.

Staff Secretary Rob Porter talking to someone

After the White House confirmed that President Donald Trump’s staff secretary Rob Porter was stepping down amid a domestic abuse scandal, most major networks reported on the story as a national scandal. But Fox News apparently went nearly 15 hours without mentioning the story after a brief mention at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

According to CNN, Bret Baier quickly mentioned the story involving Porter and his two ex-wives' allegations claiming he abused them mentally, emotionally, and physically. But for 15 hours after that, Porter was never mentioned again. In the meantime, other networks were covering the story non-stop as it was still developing.


During Thursday’s “Fox & Friends,” White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was interviewed.

She was asked about the Super Bowl and budget caps, but she never even mentioned Porter, even after saying that it was a “busy news day here at the White House.”

None of the hosts ever brought up Porter either.


After one hour had gone by, Fox’s John Roberts finally mentioned the story again. While reporting on Porter, Roberts said that “[s]ome questions that are lingering, though, is when did White House officials become aware of the serious allegations against Porter, [and] what was the level of detail they received from the FBI after speaking to his two ex-wives.”

Roberts then added: “Then there’s the issue of what did Rob Porter tell White House officials as well.”

To anybody who’s paying attention, it’s almost as if Fox is trying hard not to upset the president as “Fox & Friends” appears to be one of Trump’s favorite shows.

Still, the fact the entire network is trying hard not to report on this issue may seem irresponsible. After all, just because a Republican president is in the White House, it doesn’t mean news organizations that lean conservative shouldn’t be tough on him for his staff’s mistakes, especially if White House chief of staff John Kelly was aware of the allegations for months before the scandal broke.

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