Man Uses Little Girl To Steal Gifts From Vending Machine Game

According to the police, the man used a little girl to climb into the bottom of the machine where the gifts for winners are dropped.


Salem New Hampshire police department is on a look out for a man who was caught on video stealing toys from a gift vending machine in a shopping mall. He wasn’t alone as he used a toddler to commit the crime.

The unidentified man told a tiny girl to climb up the machine from the bottom portion of the Key Master machine that is the place where prizes are dropped for winners. The girl then grabbed two boxes and threw them out of the machine, before he instructed her on how to get out of the gift vending machine.

The stealing incident occurred in the mall of Rockingham Park.

And while passersby could have stopped the man from stealing the toys, moreover from using toddlers to commit the crime, all they did was make his video.

The man was also accompanied by another child, a boy who was probably between 5 to 7 years of age. He can be seen getting really excited about the gift boxes that the girl threw out of the machine.

According to the police, after the man stole the prizes from the machine, he left the mall with both the kids. It’s still unclear what prizes were stolen from the machine, but mostly these games offer valuable electronics and cards as prizes.

The police department is encouraging people to call Det. Joshua Dempsey at the department, 603-890-2343, or to message them on Facebook in case they can identify the man.

Child protective services must also be called to help the kids who have been trained to steal by this man. 

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Pexels

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