3-Year-Old Girl Is Safe After Being Trapped In 110-Foot Deep Well

A 3-year-old girl was rescued after she fell more than 40 feet down a 110-foot deep well. The girl was playing on a construction site near her home.

The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) in India launched a rescue operation on Tuesday after a 3-year-old girl fell into a 110-foot muddy water well.

The rescue mission lasted nearly 24 hours, but the girl was rescued by SDRF and the National Disaster Response Force.

The child had fallen into the deep hole in Munger, India, while playing near her home where construction was underway. Relatives tried to remove the girl but could not reach her and contacted the authorities.

Sanjeev Kumar, spokesman for SDRF, told reporters that rods were placed into the hole to ensure the girl didn’t drop further down the hole.

The girl’s mother, Nachiketa Prasad, reassured the child while physicians made sure that she had enough oxygen through pipes and cylinders. Rescue workers cut a hole shaped like an L in order to remove the girl from the well, and she was immediately taken to Sadar Hospital in Munger for treatment.

The scary situation ended without tragedy unlike the scene in Thailand earlier this month in which a diver died while trying to rescue several young boys stuck in a cave. Former Thai Navy Seal Saman Gunan lost his life when he ran out of oxygen after delivering the oxygen tanks to the boys.

The boys survived thanks to the valiant efforts of the rescue team and Gunan's ultimate sacrifice.

The high-profile Thailand mission, as well as this latest rescue effort in India, serve as powerful reminders that the excellent work that emergency crews provide should be highly commended and never forgotten.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

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