Watch Tom Price’s Dumb Attempt To Compare Trumpcare And Obamacare

The man, who is responsible for health matters for the entire country, made use of an absurd demonstration to convince Americans that Trumpcare is better than Obamacare.


It’s not just the Democratic Party.

The GOP also doesn’t appear too convinced about President Donald Trump’s new health care plan.

For instance, a growing number of Republicans, like Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Jim Jordan and Sen. Mike Lee, are saying the American Health Care Act (aka Trumpcare) isn't what they had in mind as Obamacare’s replacement.

Meanwhile, the Republicans who appear to be onboard, like Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, are doing a miserable job explaining how exactly Trumpcare would benefit the American people.

In fact, Chaffetz did the exact opposite when he urged low-income Americans to choose between new iPhone and health care.

But it wasn’t just Chaffetz who made a botched attempt at showing how Trumpcare is the solution to America’s health care problem.

U.S. Health Secretary Tom Price made use of what was perhaps the dumbest demonstration so far to prove Trumpcare is better than Obamacare.

Price printed out Obamacare’s bill and put it beside the new bill and then compared the two stacks of paper.

“Notice how thick that [Obamacare bill] is?" Price rhetorically asked reporters at a White House press briefing. "Some of you will recall I actually turned the pages and went through that piece of legislation in a YouTube."

So, essentially, Price’s logic to explain Americans how beneficial Trumpcare is: Shorter stack good, bigger stack bad.

That’s about that.

The man responsible for health matters for the entire country is using stacks of paper to prove how effective the new health care plan is going to be.

This absurd demonstration is actually offensive to the people who are concerned because for them, this is a matter of life or death. An estimated 10 million people could lose health insurance coverage under Trumpcare, according to a new report by S&P Global Ratings.

However, the Trump administration is used to such egregious displays of nonsense.

On his last press conference before his inauguration, Trump infamously pointed to folders of paper to prove he was moving complete control of all his businesses to his sons.

Later, the papers — much to nobody’s surprise — were discovered to be blank.

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