Top 5 Most Racist Moments Of Fox News

Fox News needs to reevaluate their racist stances in order to help the Republican Party.

Fox News is obviously representative of the Republican Party, but they actually do a huge disservice to the conservative values that many people across the country hold. The issue that is so striking to me is the fact that many minorities across the nation actually have conservative values, but because of the GOP's sometimes blatant racist stances and tone, they scare away these potential voters. If Fox News could evaluate how they are being racist both overtly and subconsciously, they might do a better job of attracting voters. 


1. Megyn Kelly Insists That Santa is White

This may seem like an inconsequential incident, but it does show Kelly's inherent discomfort with diversity. These pundits go on about the "facts" of the issue, stating that it is just a "fact" that Santa and Jesus were white, when in fact that is actually wrong. A comment like  would make any conservative of any minority uncomfortable and unwanted. 


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2. Bill O'Reilly says PhD looks like a cocaine dealer

This is one of those moments that feels like family dinner with our racist grandmother. We just cover our faces in embarrassment over a joke that contains a lot of truth. What about him looks like a cocaine dealer? His suit? His tie? His clean shaven appearance? His articulate comments? The only thing we can assume he meant was that his black skin makes him look like a cocaine dealer. It just says to conservative blacks across America that you can't be taken seriously despite your accomplishments. 


3. Americans Aren't Pure Because of Interracial Relationships

Brian Kilmeade proposes that a study done on the link between mental health and marriage was inapplicable to the US because "Swedes have pure genes... in America we marry everybody." While he may have thought that was a valid difference, the use of the word "pure" shows his bias against interracial relationships and even against races that are anything other than European descent. Kilmeade later apologized for his statement. 


4. Asian Americans aren’t liberals because they’re hardworking.
While to some, this seems like a compliment, it is a very back-handed and condescending comment.


5. “These people” kill and eat chicken at KFC
Mark Fuhrman uses commonly used stereotypes for black people, to paint “these people” as emotionless killers, then weakly denies that it has anything to do with race. 

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