Qantas Staffer Allegedly Jokes About ‘Crazy And Wacky Ethnic Names’

Here’s a note for airline crew members: When you rant about “crazy and wacky ethnic names” you “find hard to pronounce,” you’re being offensive.

Aamer Rahman

In yet another incident of racism while flying, an Australian stand-up comedian described how a Qantas staffer allegedly made fun of his name and most of his fellow passengers actually enjoyed the offensive “joke.”

Aamer Rahman, who is of Bangladeshi descent, described his bitter experience aboard the flag carrier airline of Australia on his social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

"It's the Chinese and Indian ones I have real fun with," the Qantas staffer said, according to the comedian, before directing the flight’s attention to Rahman.

"Unless this guy's a 'Singh' I'm in trouble! Oh 'Rahman — too easy," the staffer added.

However, Rahman decided not to express his disapproval due to his exhaustion from traveling.

“Now as much as I'd like to flip the f out while boarding a plane, I am exhausted from touring so I smile, congratulate him on his victory and take my seat. White people lol,” he added.

Now, for people who may not know, Rahman is best-known for being one of the two leads of the political comedy double act "Fear of a Brown Planet," a show that focused on race-related issues. You may also remember him from the viral “Reverse Racism” video from 2013:


After Rahman’s post about his experience aboard Qantas received online attention, the airline responded by saying this incident is something the company does not "tolerate.”


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