Top Trump Donors Want Their Money Back

According to a report from NBC News, two major GOP donors are so enraged with Trump's overtly lewd behaviors, that they demand a refund from his campaign.

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In light of recent scandals surrounding the Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump has been quickly losing supporters. A couple of GOP donors have become so fed up with Trump that they are asking for their money back.

After it was publicized that Trump claimed to grope women by the crotch, commit sexual acts without consent, and look at underage girls while they are getting dressed, Trump’s track record of lascivious activity appears to be that of a common pervert.

On Wednesday, NBC News reported that two Republican donors who have either raised or gifted tens of thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign are so angry about his antics, they demand a refund.

In a letter obtained by NBC News, a donor wrote to a Trump fundraiser,

“I cannot express my disappointment enough regarding the recent events surrounding Mr. Trump. As a father of two daughters preparing for marriage, I am repulsed by his comments regarding women. I regret coming to the Trump support event, and in particular allowing my son to be a part of it. I respectfully request that my money be refunded.”

Jason Miller, one of Trump’s spokesmen, denied the campaign’s awareness of any such letters and emails. His denial comes as no great surprise considering the Trump campaign for presidency is built upon manipulation and lies.

An unnamed benefactor, who helped raise nearly $1 million, reportedly told NBC anonymously over the phone, “I give up. I’m totally walking out and disappointed, and the last 72 hours I have lost sleep over it.”

He allegedly wrote in an email to Trump’s campaign, “I have three young children and will not support a crude, sexist man. I expect a refund of my donation. Please process immediately and I thank you for your help.”

Considering Trump’s apparent passion for shady financial dealings — such as not paying federal income taxes and hiding his tax returns from the public eye — there’s a slim chance Trump will ever refund their money.

Twitter user @bmaz offered a snarky comment calling out Trump's greed, saying, “This is hilarious: Dear GOP donors, nobody gets their money back from Trump, nobody. Ever.”

Paving the way for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to win the election next month, the thoughts of these livid GOP donors likely echo many frustrated Republicans who can’t believe their party’s candidate is such a scumbag

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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