Young Panda At Toronto Zoo Goes Wild Playing With Snowman

Zookeepers at the Toronto Zoo have built panda Da Mao his very own snowman and he can’t control his excitement.

A video posted on YouTube by the Toronto Zoo shows a giant panda known as Da Mao engrossed playing with a snowman that was recently built for him by zookeepers.

Da Mao has been a resident at the Toronto Zoo since March 2013 after he arrived from China with another panda, called Er Shun.

Initially he can be seen scraping snow off the snowman, after which he climbs atop his new friend's head and then knocks it off. But nothing stops this playful animal from enjoying the company of his buddy, as he perches himself on top of it but then soon falls off and rolls over.

The 8-year-old animal’s video has garnered a whopping 368,097 views on YouTube. Delighted internet users have left many comments expressing their sentiments about the clip.

“Go home, Panda, you're drunk! On the contrary, pandas are nature's way to say: Hakuna Matata: Don't worry, be happy!?” one person who goes by the name of Kitty S wrote.

“Da Mao is funny and playful. Glad he got more snow and the snowman to play with,” another person commented.

One person even seemed rather intrigued by the color of the panda. “I always thought pandas were black and white. I guess they are black and light brown,” he wrote.

The video of Da Mao enjoying himself comes as a breath of fresh air at a time where animals are being tortured and treated ruthlessly around the world.

Check out the video above.

Banner/Thumbnail: Screengrab/ YouTube

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