British MP Tells School Girl To ‘F*** Off Back To Scotland’

The Conservative candidate insists the outburst in front of the child was meant to be a joke. Since when is xenophobia funny?


A British politician is under fire for a hurling xenophobic profanity at a school girl after she said she would vote for independence if there was a second referendum.

Tory MP James Heappey made the offensive remark during a debate with students at Millfield school in Somerset, South West England.

The school girl told her father — believed to be a Scottish National party supporter — of the incident. He raised the issue with the school, after which he was sent a written apology.

Meanwhile, Heappey was criticized for his xenophobic comment.

The criticism prompted Heappey to eventually apologize for insulting the girl. However, even in his apology, he insisted that the profanity was meant to be light-hearted.

“I made a comment — intended only as a joke — but it was inappropriate and I am deeply sorry for any offense caused. I wrote to [the pupil] soon after the school brought her concerns to my attention and apologized unreservedly,” Heappey said in a statement.

The no-apology, therefore, drew even more criticism — and rightfully so.




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