Minnesota Lawmakers Working To Make Groping Someone's Backside Illegal

Lawmakers in Minnesota want to finally make it a crime for locals to touch a person's backside against their wish. After all, it's 2018..


In Minnesota, grabbing a person’s backside while clothed is quite alright under the law — even if the victim doesn’t consent. But state lawmakers might be able to change that.

According to CNN, Minnesota lawmakers have proposed a piece of legislation that would change the law so that touching a clothed person’s behind without their permission would no longer be protected by the law.

As it stands, the law says that grabbing someone’s behind without their consent is OK as long as the victim is clothed. By removing the loophole, victims who are groped will be able to get justice.

The bill has already been cleared by the Senate’s Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committees. If the bill ends up being signed into law, a person who’s considered guilty of violating the criminal sexual statute, that would include groping a clothed backside, would be slapped with a $3,000 fine and a misdemeanor that could send the person to prison for one year.

But while this move is being considered a win to anybody who believes sexual harassment is wrong, the fact that the state’s law had this loophole in the first place remains a mystery.

Some people on Twitter used the opportunity to make a few jokes about a certain politician from Minnesota and his record of touching women inappropriately.

As CNN reported, the current statute dates back to 1988, and the current exemption may have been put in place to protect football coaches who affectionately pat their players’ clothed behinds, believe it or not.

Regardless of what action the law meant to protect, what’s important is that this bizarre mistake should soon be corrected.

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