Cheering Tourists Accidentally Cause Lioness To Fall In A Trench

A lioness tries to attack screaming tourists at a Mexican safari park by leaping over the safety trench.

A shocking incident took place in a Mexican zoo when a group of tourists taunted a lioness while taking a tour of the zoo. In return, the lioness jumped toward them but fell into a deep trench.

The incident took place in Bioparque Estrella zoo in Mexico.

The video above shows the lioness, named Elsa, being provoked by tourists as she sits in her enclosure. The tourists can be heard making loud noises at the animal and as a result, the fed-up lion tried to jump on them. However, she could not breach the great distance, and fell down the steep trench dug to keep the animals away from the tourists.

At first the tourists can be heard screaming in fright of the lioness jumping toward them. However, their terror soon turns into laughter and cheers as they see Elsa going down the moat.

According to zoo spokesman Arturo Moar, there was never any danger to the public as the lion can only jump up to 16 feet, whereas the trench is 23 feet wide.

Soon after the incident, the lioness was recovered from the trench and was checked by vets. Thankfully, despite falling into a deep ditch, Elsa didn’t receive any injuries.

The zoo management said Elsa had recently been rescued from a circus.



Animals in zoo enclosures have been exploited several times. Recently, a lion attacked a tourist in Thailand who patted him while he was posing for pictures. The lion, which was tied with a 2-foot chain, tried to lunge at him but was held back by the restraint. The tourist was then escorted out of the area, but the lion remained visibly upset.

Not long ago, a Chinese circus also sparked backlash when a video of it was released showing a tiger tied to a metal table so visitors could sit on it to click pictures.

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