Tow Truck Driver Hand Delivers Pizza To Detained Immigrants

Armando Colunga bought pizza for a group of immigrants detained by law enforcement. "They're here for a better life and to work," Colunga explained.

A San Antonio, Texas, tow truck driver was watching a breaking news report about a group of 54 immigrants being detained. Having been discovered in a delivery truck — and having been in there for who knows how long — Armando Colunga felt compelled to help them out.

Colunga stepped inside his truck and drove to the scene. On his way, he stopped at a Little Caesar’s restaurant, picked up seven pizzas, and brought them with him to feed the immigrants.

Police were likely surprised by Colunga’s delivery, but allowed him to pass security tape to hand the pizzas off to another detective, who helped distribute the food to the migrants. Authorities had already given them water.

“I didn't think about if it (the seven pizzas) would be enough — I just figured everyone would have something to eat,” Colunga explained.

Colunga is an American of Mexican descent, but he said he would have helped out these immigrants regardless. “If they were black or African people or white people coming from London...I would have done the same thing,” he said. “It’s not about race.”

Colunga also took a moment to explain that the immigrants shouldn’t be viewed as criminals, as many political leaders have suggested in the past. “They’re not here to commit crime. They're here for a better life and to work,” he said. “They're harder working people than some of our people here that are citizens.”

Empathy is a trait that is in desperate need of revival in our country. Colunga’s actions are remarkable, and worth repeating. What will happen to these immigrants is unknown at this point, but at least they were able to see a small bit of generosity from an American while they were here, a far cry from what they see from President Donald Trump on a daily basis. 

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Hans/Pixabay

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