Town Attorney Shames His Own Wife For Her Racist Facebook Post

"My wife’s post has no right time, no right place. It was inexcusable," said Riverhead town attorney Bob Kozakiewicz of his wife's racist Facebook status.

What do you do as a public official and legal practitioner when your own spouse is a racist bigot?

The town attorney of Riverhead, New York, was left with little choice but to formally and publicly denounce his wife.

According to Raw Story, town attorney Bob Kozakiewicz issued an apology after his wife, Dianne Delaney, shared a racist Facebook post attacking black people who she claimed harassed a waitress at a pizza restaurant.

“You f*cking n***ers harassed the sh*t out of the waitress, to tears!” Delaney wrote on Facebook. “GO BACK TO AFRICA! You f*cking God d**n ‘Black brats!'”

WARNING: The post below contains graphic language that may not be suitable for some readers. 

At the end of her hostile rant she said, “We should have picked our OWN COTTEN [sic]!”  

Of course, the post spread like wildfire, and Kozakiewicz had to chime in. In an interview with Riverhead Local, he apologized for his wife’s thoughtless actions.

“I am not quite sure where to begin regarding the post and recent conduct of my wife,” he said.

“I am so very sorry,” he added. “Sorry for the hatred, sorry for the bigotry, sorry for the prejudice… sorry for the rage… While our nation seems to be bent on further divisiveness, my wife’s post has no right time, no right place. It was inexcusable.”

His wife's Facebook profile has since been deactivated, but the damage has already been done. 

Members of the town's anti-bias task force are reportedly calling for Kozakiewicz resignation, and rightfully so. 

Although the town attorney seems very remorseful and isn't the one who posted the hateful sentiments, it's difficult to believe he was unaware that his wife carried these negative feelings toward African-Americans.

She destroyed her own reputation and tarnished her husband's along with it. His credibility is null and void as he cannot be trusted to serve a town, which is home to multiple ethnicities, without bias

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