Maine Town Manager Openly Promotes White Supremacy, Refuses To Quit

“What gets me in trouble sometimes is I am a white person who is not ashamed to be white.”

Tom Kawczynski is the town manager of Jackman, Maine. He is also the founder of the group New Albion, a group that believes “Islam is the scourge of Western civilization” and advocates “voluntary” racial segregation. Albion is the word in ancient Greek for Britain.

Before he moved to Jackman from New Hampshire, Kawczynski worked as the Lisbon town chair for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“I would say unequivocally that I see Islam as fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization,” Kawczynski said about a religion that boasted a following of 1.6 billion in the USA as of 2010. He denies that his actions were driven by hate or racism. Kawczynski has also aired his bigoted and dangerous views on social media. He is an active user of Gab, a platform that has been described as the Twitter of the far-right. Recently, Kawczynski posted a terrifying “solution” for Dreamers, as if they were a problem.

What’s just as terrifying in this situation is Kawczynski’s confession that he sees a “natural overlap” between his role in Jackman and his leadership of New Albion.

“It is something that I am trying to integrate in the sense that I’m trying to develop our community,” he said. “But I do not make that relationship explicit.”

Kawczynski’s views have evoked a strong backlash from activists and townspeople. An  American Civil Liberties Union Maine spokesperson deems his actions “shockingly racist.” Public comments on the Jackman-Moose Chamber of Commerce Facebook page condemning Kawczynski’s selection have begun to pile up.

Kawczynski maintains that his racial views never came up during the multiple interviews he gave during the recruitment. When contacted by Bangor Daily News, three of the representatives for Jackman did not return requests for comments.

Kawczynski has refused to resign from the job and intends to fight for his right of free speech. However, he still fears that his days on the job are numbered.

“I’m guessing I should be working on my resume as my public sector career looks likely to draw to a close in one form or another,” he posted on Gab. “Do any gabbers need a smart writer who has plenty of skills to do independent work from home? I plan on writing a book about this all now.”

Kawczynski has also made a page on Hatreon, the crowd-funding website that does not have the hate speech restrictions like other sites.

“Funds given to this project will serve to sustain Tom Kawczynski of New Albion during any legal fight about the effort to lose his job due to expressing free speech in support of Western Civilization, positive white identity, and against Islam,” his post on Hatreon said.

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