Teacher Risks Jail Time By Talking About Refugee Abuse In Nauru

Tracey Donehue could get in serious trouble for speaking out about the mistreatment of refugees she witnessed at Nauru's detention facility.

Despite risks to her own freedom, a former teacher at the Nauru refugee camp, which is plagued with reports of unbelievable abuses, spoke out against the conditions she personally witnessed on the island prison.

An ABC Australia Q&A featured Tracey Donehue recounting the horrors she had witnessed at Nauru refugee campShe also acknowledged that some of her incident reports were included in the leaked Nauru Files.

“I witnessed death threats made to my students by local guards. I witnessed a very large guard lift and throw a student with force into the ground and a metal rail,” she said. “I witnessed the daily verbal abuse and taunts that my students endured. I witnessed the appalling treatment of rape victims.”

As the panelists were quick to point out, Donehue now risks going to jail for publicly speaking about the human rights violation at the offshore facility. Under the Australian Border Force Act, she could be jailed for at least two years.

Find out more in the video above.

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