Tragic Hammock Accident Kills 13-Year-Old Girl

A girl in Iowa who jumped into her hammock died after the pillar it was attached to collapsed on her.

An everyday occurrence suddenly turned tragic when 13-year-old Peri Sagun died after attempting to use her hammock at home.

According to Buzzfeed News, Sagun nonchalantly attempted to jump into her hammock, which was attached on one end to a tree and on the other to a brick pillar that was a part of the house.

When Sagun jumped, the pillar collapsed and fell on her head—she was bleeding profusely and was taken urgently to a hospital, where she died.

The brick column was apparently “only in the ground several inches with no reinforcement supporting it.”

Sagun, an eight-grade honors student at St. Augustin Catholic School in Des Moines, Iowa, was an exemplary daughter and student according to everyone who has spoken about her since the tragedy.

“She was a child that no one ever said anything bad about or she never said anything mean to,” said Pat Hogan, one of Sagun’s teachers. “She was just a very kind girl.”

This incident should undoubtedly act as a warning for parents to check that all aspects of their home are structurally sound—unintentional, horrible accidents can happen at any given moment.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Wikimedia Commons 

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