Train Passenger Attacked After Saying All Arabs Are 'Part Of ISIS'

After verbally attacking three Arabic men on a train, a man who's believed to be African was huddled to the floor and bloodied. A witness says he started it.

An incident registered on camera involving a group of men arguing while on a train in Melbourne, Australia, has gone viral — and not for the best of reasons.

According to Metro, three men were caught in an altercation with a man who ended up visibly bloodied.

Witnesses told local news that while the man who was attacked was huddled bleeding on the floor, he was the one who allegedly initiated the fight.

“He was bleeding from his lip because he suffered a lot of punches. And he deserved it too,” a witness told local news.



Apparently, the man told three men who are believed to be Arab to “[g]o back to where you came from” and “[a]ll immigrants are a problem to this country and you bring all the crime here.”

The man who allegedly initiated the altercation is believed to be African, yet still he had an issue with immigrants despite being one himself.

At some point during the altercation, the man told the Arab men that all “Arabic people were part of ISIS,” and that's what reportedly triggered the fight.

Once the train pulled into Tottenham station, passengers alerted staff, prompting transit guards to rush into the carriage. All men involved blamed one another for the violence but did not to press charges.

Regardless of who initiated the fight, the fact that immigrants are allegedly bashing others like them and using prejudiced, collectivist terms to refer to one another is despicable. 

As alleged immigrants, these men share similar backgrounds and may have even gone through the same struggles to find themselves in Australia despite being from different regions — there is no need to fight. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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