Trevor Noah Calls Trump Presser ‘First Step In Authoritarian Tango’

“In America, the press is supposed to be the check on the president, not the other way around. This is essentially the first step in the "authoritarian tango."


Donald Trump’s first press conference as the president-elect sent a clear message to media organizations: You are either with him or against him — there is no third option.

He called CNN “fake news” for reporting that intelligence officials briefed him on alleged Russian efforts to compromise him, had a shouting match with CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta and dubbed BuzzFeed “failing pile of garbage” after the website released the unverified salacious dossier the network had only referred to in its article.

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah was not at all happy with the presser.

“Wow, welcome to the next four years,” Noah said, playing a clip of the moment Trump childishly shouting down Acosta. “You know what? Honestly, that was one of the most frightening moments of today’s presser for me. In America, the press is supposed to be a check on the president, not the other way around.”

The future commander-in-chief not only eviscerated CNN (despite the fact the network did not release the unauthenticated information), he also took credit for not doing things that could get him impeached — like turning down a $2 billion property deal in the United Arab Emirates.

Trump also spent a significant amount of time slamming his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton — just like he used to do on campaign trail.

“It’s time for Trump to realize he can’t keep running for president,” Noah continued. “Donald Trump, it’s time to be president. Just because you’re really good at elementary school doesn’t mean you get to stay there forever.”

The host also said that if Trump got his way, no one would be able to report on anything that might displease him.

“And you realize this is essentially the first step in the authoritarian tango,” Noah continued. “That’s what you do. You shut down one news organization by alleging that it’s all fake. And then if you get away with it, you can shut down another news network and another news network, shut them down, shut them down.”

Watch the complete segment above.

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