Dinosaurs Descend On White House Lawn To Protest Trump Cuts

In memorable protest of President Donald Trump's proposal to cut funding for programs like AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, inflatable T-rex took a stand on the White House lawn.

The inflatable T-rex costume took the internet by storm last year, and since then the public has seen it do everything from drive toy cars to maneuver incredible obstacle courses.

However, it hadn't gotten political until Wednesday, when multitudes of people dressed as the famous dinosaur took to waddling up the White House lawn in protest of President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to national service programs.

Trump's budget would eliminate national service programs like AmeriCorps and drastically cut funding for international aid program, the Peace Corps. These are programs that not only provide opportunities for altruistic citizens, recent graduates, or those looking for a career change to gain important skills in social justice work, but also supply impoverished communities and their advocates with much-needed support.

According to a statement on Service Year's website, "If his budget becomes reality, then the 80,000 young people who serve every year won’t be teaching in our underperforming schools, supporting our veterans, responding to natural disasters, maintaining our national parks, or tackling issues like the opioid epidemic and unemployment. In other words — if President Trump’s budget becomes reality, national service will end up like the dinosaurs."

Along with the hashtags #LetUsServe and #DinosinDC, images of the demonstration have made the internet chuckle, but also pay attention. National service is a crucial part of building stronger communities in the United States and internationally.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay user DominikRe

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