After Jacksonville Shooting And McCain's Death, Trump Praises Himself

Ignoring two national tragedies, Trump, true to his form, tried to make the conversation all about himself.

President Donald Trump had long feuded with deceased senator and former GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

Trump’s weak tweet, which he allegedly posted after refusing a lengthier tribute by the White House, was widely panned as it made no mention of McCain’s heroics as one of the nation’s most celebrated war vet.

After failing to mention McCain’s contribution to the United States or talking about the Jacksonville video gaming event shooting, which left three dead and 11 injured, Trump took to Twitter to do what he does best: praise himself.

Ignoring two national tragedies, Trump, true to his form, berated the media for crediting former president Barack Obama for his accomplishments.

He quoted Washington Times’ article and went on a lengthy rant that included his “Fake News” rhetoric to the “booming economy.”





And it is not like Trump did not have time to acknowledge the two most talked about tragedies in the U.S. at the moment.

He was spotted at the Trump National Gold Club on Sunday, where he was greeted by a string of pro and anti-Trump protesters.


On Twitter, the POTUS was berated for the lack of respect for McCain and failure to even mention the Jacksonville shooting.





Trump will reportedly not be invited to McCain’s funeral, even though Vice President Mike Pence and McCain’s 2008 presidential rival, Obama, will both be asked to attend. According to sources, Obama and former president George W. Bush will also deliver eulogies for the deceased war veteran.

McCain and Trump shared a rocky relationship over the years, with both speaking out against one another on public forums.

Most recently, Trump signed into law a military funding bill that is named after Sen. John McCain. But in his remarks discussing the bill, Trump never once mentioned McCain’s name.



McCain was one of Trump’s fiercest critics, especially after the POTUS’ disastrous Helsinki summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin.



The feud dates back to 2015, when Trump announced he would be running for president, followed by extremely racist comments where he denounced Mexicans as rapists.






McCain, over the years, made it very clear that he did not agree with Trump’s viewpoints, especially on immigration.







The president also mocked McCain — whose extended torture resulted in a life-long inability to raise his arms properly — when he voted “no” to the GOP’s skinny Obamacare repeal by reportedly mimicking the senator’s thumbs-down motion in private.

Trump, who deferred from service in Vietnam five times, citing “bone spurs” in his foot, has also mocked the former army pilot, claiming, McCain only became a war hero “because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”

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