Trump: It's 'Wrong' Laws Allow Babies To Be Born In The 9th Month

President Donald Trump spoke to marchers protesting Roe v. Wade, making the speech more about himself than abortion.



UPDATE: During his key anti-abortion speech, President Donald Trump misspoke, yet again, and said it was 'wrong' that laws allowed babies to be born in the ninth month.

“Right now, in a number of states," Trump stated as he discussed late-term abortions. "The laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month,” Trump said. “It is wrong. It has to change."

The president possibly wanted to say "torn," a loaded term that is often used to refer to late-term abortions.

As anti-abortion marchers made their way through Washington, D.C. early Friday, President Donald Trump addressed the crowd from the White House directly, marking history as the first sitting president to do so.

The March for Life has been happening every year since 1974. Protesters often flood the streets of D.C. on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade or on a date near the anniversary. The march’s mission is to “provide all Americans with a place to testify to the beauty of life and the dignity of each human person.”

In his speech, Trump called this year’s march “very, very special.”

But instead of focusing on the message of respecting life first and trying to make the speech about the movement, which he said was “born out of love,” he used the speech to talk about himself.

“Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since I took our oath of office and I will say, our country is doing really well,” Trump told the anti-abortion advocates. “Our economy is perhaps the best it’s ever been. You look at the numbers, you look at the companies pouring back into our country.”

Even when he actually talked about abortion, he still sounded like he was on the campaign trail.

"As you all know, Roe vs. Wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world," he charged. "It is wrong. It has to change.”

Criticizing countries like China and North Korea where late-term abortions are legal, Trump then added: "Americans are more and more pro-life. You see that all the time."

But despite his now seemingly firm anti-abortion stance, in 1999, Trump said he was “very pro-choice.”

Considering that the president has changed his mind so often over the past few years, it’s not a surprise to see him standing before the March for Life protesters now claiming he’s one of them. After all, those are the people who got him elected.

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