Trump Advised To Stop Tweeting About The Trump Tower Meeting

According to a CNN source, those close to the president believe his tweets about the story only give it extended life

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump is notorious for his Twitter rants and it seems to be finally bothering those close to him.

After Trump, in a recent tweet, admitted the infamous Trump Tower meeting was to dig up dirt on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in what seemed like a meltdown to several stories reporting while the president plays indifferent in public, he is actually worried about the legal jeopardy his son, Donald Trump Jr., might have put himself in.


According to a CNN source, those close to the president believe that Trump tweeting about the story only gives it extended life.

Trump has long used his Twitter account in a very un-presidential manner, where he has attacked anyone from media outlets to celebrities, adversaries and allies — in short, anyone who dares to present him in negative light.

Now, the POTUS has been urged to stop typing out tweets for any — and every — story that he may disagree with.

The recent tweet, in which Trump acknowledged going to Russia for information on Clinton, is not the first time Trump has tweeted about the Trump Tower meeting.

The infamous session— which revolves around the president and his son — can actually be troublesome after Trump Jr. lied to the Senate that the president did not know of the meeting beforehand.

Of the Trump Tower meeting, Trump Jr. initially lied and said the meeting was about adopting Russian children, however, later it was confirmed that the meeting was indeed about Hillary Clinton.


Since then Trump Jr. maintained his father had nothing to do with the initial statement, "I don't know. I never spoke to my father about it,” he said.

A similar stance was taken by Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow back then.

However, the statement on the meeting again changed when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders claimed Trump “weighed in” on the statement but did not dictate it.

Later, that statement changed too, when in a letter to Robert Mueller, Trump’s own attorneys confirmed Trump indeed dictated the statement put out by Trump Jr. Meanwhile, Sekulow also recently changed his stance, claiming he had “bad information” at the time of his initial statement.

The recent tweet by Trump claims the meeting was “totally legal,” — it’s not, according to The Huffington Post — may add to the growing list of tweets that Mueller is skimming through for obstruction of justice.

While CNN reported, Trump’s associates are more worried about the Trump Tower tweets than his constant attacks on Mueller and the Russian investigation, there may be one extremely damaging tweet in recent times that can lead to serious trouble.

In a typical Twitter rampage, Trump ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stop the Russian investigation “right now” and many believe if Mueller is indeed reviewing the POTUS’ tweets for obstruction of justice, he may have hit a gold mine with this particular tweet.

However, Trump’s apparent order was downplayed by his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, as the president merely “expressing his opinion.”

While Trump might keep attacking Mueller from his Twitter account, he may not be tweeting about the Trump Tower meeting for a while.

But then again, this is Trump and he might just be angrily typing away at this very moment.

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