Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow Hosted Known White Supremacist At A Party

One of the biggest scandals facing this administration is its officials' ties to white supremacy.

White supremacist infestation in the White House?

President Donald Trump's top advisor, Larry Kudlow, had an avowed white supremacist over at a birthday party at his house, the Washington Post reports.

Peter Brimelow runs an anti-immigrant website called Southern Poverty Law Center described the website as "an immigrant-bashing hate site that regularly publishes works by white supremacists, anti-Semites, and others on the radical right." has become especially known for publishing pieces such as why the American IQ declined and concluded that it was because African-Americans have an IQ lower than that of the Aryan race that inherited the United States after killing its indigenous population.

Brimelow does not stop there. SPLC reported that Brimelow has accused Hispanics of “specializing” in rape and blamed 9/11 squarely on immigrants.

It is unsurprising that Kudlow would be so blissfully ignorant of a man that SPLC has profiled for his toxic views.

When the Washington Post broke the news, Kudlow said he was “disappointed and saddened” by Brimelow’s views. He assured the public that, had he known about Brimelow’s politics, the man would never have been invited to Kudlow’s parties.

The Trump associate then reiterated his ignorance, saying that even though Brimelow has been coming to his parties for years, he had no idea about the man’s widely reported and marketed views.

Kudlow has expressed views on immigration different from Brimelow’s. However, his stance rarely accounts for the human factor of anti-immigration laws. Instead, he has called immigration a “pro-growth” issue and advocated outreach to “Latinos, African-Americans and young people”. The fact that he so easily warms up to white nationalists is telling of Kudlow’s concerns about immigrants.

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