Internet Unearths Video Of Trump Aide Supporting Anti-Semitic Militia

Gorka once defended the “big societal need” for an anti-Jewish militia because Hungary’s military “is sick, and totally reflects the state of Hungarian society.”

In a damning video discovered by Forward, President Donald Trump’s national security aide, Sebastian Gorka, voiced support for a Hungarian far-right, anti-Semitic militia that used violent tactics towards minorities.

In the 2007 interview, Gorka — who had just cofounded a new political party, the New Democratic Coalition (UDK) — said he backed the Hungarian Guard, the military wing of the radical nationalist party, Jobbik, banned by the Hungarian courts.

Despite the paramilitary organization’s Nazi-esque strategies, Gorka defended it citing a “big societal need” for militia in Hungary because the country’s military is “sick, and totally reflects the state of Hungarian society... This country cannot defend itself.”

When the host asked Gorka if the Hungarian Guard was promoting anti-Semitic and racist propaganda in the country, he dismissed the claim stating, “This type of accusation is the very useful tool of a certain political class.”

However, it is not just politics. The Hungarian Guard was outlawed in 2009 after Hungarian courts perceived it to be a threat to minorities as well as disrupted public order. In fact, just before it disbanded, a high-ranking Guard captain, István Dósa, called Jews “Zionist rats,” “locusts” and “nation-destroyers.” (The group has since tried to revive itself under the name Hungarian Guard Foundation despite the fact Hungarian authorities claimed it is in contempt of previous court hearings.)

The Guard reportedly emulated the Hungarian Arrow-Cross regime, a national socialist movement, which  killed 10-15,000 Jews, homosexuals and Romani and deported 80,000 people to concentration camps in Austria. After the war, the group’s founder Ferenc Szalasi and other leaders were tried as criminals of war by the Hungarian courts.

If that isn’t enough evidence to confirm he is an anti-Semite, Gorka, on various occasions, including at the 45th president’s inauguration, has also sported a Vitezi Rend medal of “knighthood” issued by Hungarian ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic leader Miklos Horthy, whose reign witnessed the murder of 600,000 Hungarian Jews.

During the time he spent in parent’s native country, Gorka clearly aligned himself with alt-right groups. But he vehemently denies he supports anti-Semitic Jews and that his loyalty to the Vitzei Rend group was a lifelong pledge — despite the fact three senior officials of the order have confirmed it is.

The president’s senior aide has let his feelings about the Jewish people be known clearly when a reporter asked why Trump’s administration did not acknowledge Jews in the Holocaust Memorial Day statement. Gorka replied because it was “asinine” and “absurd.”

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