Trump Aides Want To Escape White House But No One Wants To Hire Them

Companies cite uncertainty, legal repercussions and political views as reasons for not hiring White House officials.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump claimed that people were dying to work at the cesspool of gossip and toxicity that the White House has become during his term. Trump boasted that for every position, he had 10 people vying to fill it.

As a new report by BuzzFeed News shows, Trump could not have been more wrong.

Word in Washington, D.C., is that people hired by the White House do not have many places to go to if they want to leave. This is an alarming situation, since many White House officials really want to get out of the there.

One official who applied for a job was told that his connection with the Trump administration was a problem for the organization. Many firms admitted that, although they had no policy restricting the entry of White House officials, they have rejected or not expressed interest when top recruiters representing the officials have approached them.

One went as far as to say the longer someone works in the White House, the more “drastically” their options of finding a job drop.

Apparently, companies and firms who were always on the lookout to hire White House alums for their experience with policy and networks now believe that hiring someone from the White House is just not worth it.

The most critical factor reportedly hindering White House officials from making it outside the place is the “reputational risk” associated with them. An unnamed Washington public affairs firm admitted to calculating this risk when assessing White House graduates. A top recruiter who has been helping officials with placements also said companies fear a backlash for hiring someone who has worked with Trump.

Companies also fear the legal repercussions of hiring someone from the White House. With the impending Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia meddling in 2016 U.S. presidential elections, it is hard to say the extent to which each Trump White House official was involved.

“There's a legal risk there. There's a certain level of uncertainness around the toxicity. Generally, there aren't a ton of jobs waiting for those people,” said leading Washington consultant who specializes in placing government officials in the private sector.

Firms are also wary of the bigoted views of people who work under Trump. They suspect that people in the White House likely have anti-immigration, anti-free trade views which do not make them the most ideal fits for their companies.

It is therefore not surprising that many Republican officials have steered clear of the previously coveted White House posts. This is true for two Trump campaigners that BuzzFeed got in touch with, who admitted that they decided to not join the White House after seeing their friends struggle. These two now help officials find jobs outside White House, although not with much success.

The report also clarified that people with an impressive pre-Trump resume, like National Economic Council Deputy Director Shahira Knight, have managed to salvage their potential of being hired.

The ones hit hardest by companies’ discomfort with White House employees are junior officials who do not have much professional experience outside the White House.


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