Trump Allegedly Stole $258,000 From His Charity For Himself

The Washington Post scandalized The Trump Foundation on Tuesday after calling Donald Trump out on allegedly stealing money from it for his own personal use.

Mar-a-Lago, Reuters

Donald Trump has reportedly skimmed over $258,000 from his charitable foundation to benefit himself and his businesses. While a quarter of a million dollars may be petty change to the real estate mogul, his alleged robberies suggest that he’s involved in other corrupt dealings.

The Trump Foundation, which suspiciously hasn’t made a donation since 2008, is currently under investigation by the New York attorney general for possible “self-dealing.”

According to The Washington Post’s report on Tuesday, all signs point to a guilty Trump. If proven as such by the attorney general, the accusation would provide further evidence that a Trump presidency would be a self-serving presidency full of conflicting interests for both federal economic and foreign policies.

Back in 2007, when Trump was asked to give $100,000 to a veterans’ charity as part of a settlement for posting an 80-foot flag pole at Mar-a-Lago, he used the foundation’s money to pay for it. In 2012, he purchased an NFL football helmet signed by Tim Tebow for $12,000, and he used the foundation’s money to pay for that too. The list goes on.

Trump even spent a total of $30,000 worth of charity money on two portraits of himself.

While Trump on Tuesday has already been forced to reimburse $25,000 back to the foundation after The Post’s story was published, he or his campaign hasn’t commented on the report yet.

With all of Trump’s known corruption, why would anyone spend their money donating to The Trump Foundation in the first place? It’s an unanswered question, but one that requires further investigatory exploration. The top three major donors to Trump’s charity refused to be interviewed, according to Fahrentold. 

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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