Trump Reportedly Threw Starburst At Angela Merkel During G7 Summit

The "candy toss" came about moments after the infamous picture of President Donald Trump and other world leaders staring each other down was taken.

An assortment of Starburst candies.

President Donald Trump’s childish actions are not solely existent on social media or in speeches he gives. The president is also displaying boorish behavior when it comes to meeting with our global allies.

During the most recent G-7 summit, during which Trump engaged in bitter rhetoric and an epic staredown with world leaders, his actions behind the scenes of that event were even more embarrassing than the picture itself.

At some point after that picture was taken, Trump reportedly stood up and tossed Starburst candies he had in his pockets toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the table in front of her.

“Here, Angela, don't say I never give you anything,” he said.

The account was provided to CBS News by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer, who witnessed the event. Trump had been upset about the rest of the allied nations coming together, seemingly “ganging up” on him to sign a communique, Bremmer said.

“His personal relationship with Merkel is deeply broken," he added.

The action by Trump to throw candies at one of our closest allies is alarming behavior. We wouldn’t accept this kind of action from a 8-year-old kid, let alone the supposed leader of the free world, and his action should be condemned by other lawmakers as not representative of our nation’s commitment to our allies.

For all of his bravado as a supposed master negotiator, Trump accepted the terms of the communique, only to back out of the joint statement later on. The “art of the deal,” it seems, is lost on Trump, who relies on grand theatrics (with very little actual outcome) to represent his vision for America.


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