Energy Dept. Fires Trump Appointee Over Virulent Anti-Muslim Posts

An employee selected by Trump for the Department of Energy was fired after his anti-Muslim rhetoric went public.

Sid Bowdidge, President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, landed a spot in the Department of Energy, but was soon relieved of his duties soon after it became evident that he had a history of making several anti-Muslim remarks on social media.

The 60-year-old had no prior experience of working with the energy department; he was apparently working as a massage therapist in New Hampshire previously. According to reports, Bowdidge was supposed to work in the director’s office of the agency’s Office of Technology Transitions, though his job role and time to take up the job wasn’t specified.

OTT officials specialize in driving research developed at the national labs into the private sector companies, , but Trump’s pick did not have any relevant experience.

What was evident was that his history was full of anti-Muslim remarks and comments on social media. In 2015, CNN tweeted a picture of suspected San Bernardino shooters and Bowdidge’s comment on the post was rather disturbing.

According to BuzzFeed, the Muslim hater was appointed as ground campaign manager in 2016. It was around this time he started spreading hate for Muslims on his Twitter account, which has now been deleted. 

During another heated exchange, Bowdidge made this distressing comment about Muslims.

He also accused former President Barack Obama of not wanting to “use the term 'radical Islam' because they're his relatives." And this tweet was in a response to the commander-in-chief.

It seems like Trump’s appointees are revealing how racist they are one by one. Recently Trump’s former adviser Roger Stone was suspended from Twitter for calling a woman a "stupid, stupid b****" and saying CNN commentator Anna Navarro is "fat, stupid and f****** Al Cardenas.”

In Trump’s America, racism and hating minorities is sadly becoming a fast catching norm.

The reaction on Twitter was massive.





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