Trump-Appointed CFBP Officer Says Hate Crimes Are Hoaxes, Uses N-Word

“Fine….let’s say they called him n***er, would that make them racists, or just a**holes looking for the most convenient way to get under his skin?”



A high-ranking employee at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, who is paid heavily to look after matters concerning financial discrimination, had a troubling past.

Eric Blankenstein, who was appointed by President Donald Trump as a policy director and is responsible for enforcing laws against financial discrimination including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which protects African-Americans from predatory lending practices, was caught making a racist slur in a blog post he wrote 14 years ago.

The employee, who is now paid a hefty amount of $259,500 annually (one of the highest amount given to a worker of the federal government) to make sure there is no financial discrimination, discriminated against black people in the past and used the n-word in a secret blog, revealed by The Washington Post.

He also claimed at that time that most of the hate-crimes reported are hoaxes – that’s not true.

“Fine….let’s say they called him n***er,” Blankenstein wrote in the typed-out discussion about hate crimes at the University of Virginia. “Would that make them racists, or just a**holes looking for the most convenient way to get under his skin?” he wrote, questioning if calling someone the n-word was really racist.

Blankenstein made the bigoted comments on a political blog using a pen name. He co-authored the blog that had input from other contributors as well.  In another blog, he reportedly claimed that “hate-crime hoaxes are about three times as prevalent as actual hate crimes.”

Blankenstein agreed he made those comments after they were exposed, but says this has nothing to do with how he serves his position today. “The insight to be gained about how I perform my job today – by reading snippets of 14-year-old blog posts that have nothing to do with consumer protection law — is exactly zero,” he said in a statement.

Makada Henrie-Nickie, a former CFPB analyst in its fair lending office, said the comments made by the CBFP official who is tasked with enforcing such policies is hurtful and upsetting.

“It sends chills up my spine to hear that kind of thinking,” the analyst, who left the bureau in August, said.

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