'Crooked' Donald: Future POTUS Appoints Biggest Donors To Cabinet

Donald Trump vowed to "drain the swamp" of corruption when he got to the White House, but he is consistently empowering his own special interests.

Donald Trump has come under fire since being elected the next president of the United States for appointing his rich friends to positions of power. Now, he has started giving his donors government roles, too.

Ronald Klain, executive vice president and general counsel of Revolution LLC, tweeted about the media's hypocrisy after Trump appointed his biggest donor, Linda McMahon, to his cabinet. Klain asks Twitter to "imagine if [Hillary Rodham Clinton] had done that." 

In a case of blatant hypocrisy, Trump has been rewarding his friends with powerful positions in the government for weeks and has appointed multiple people associated with Goldman Sachs, despite his criticism of other politicians' ties to Wall Street. Compensating donors with political power is taking the corruption even further.

The Washington Post reports that six people Trump has appointed donated nearly $12 million to his campaign. Among them are creepy fast food tycoon Andy Puzder who will be our new labor secretary and MacMahon, who gave Trump $7.5 million, buying her a role in the Small Business Administration.

David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice, an organization dedicated to getting big money out of politics, told the Post, "In the past, [donors] were a little hidden — they were sent overseas to be ambassadors. In this administration, they are going to be front and center making policy."

Trump and the media consistently portrayed Clinton as a "crooked" government insider who would use the presidency to help herself. While we will never know what Clinton's presidency would have looked like, Trump has already shamelessly used his new power to elevate friends, family, and donors. While some of the media has questioned his "conflicts of interest," Trump is largely going unquestioned as he fills our government with unqualified cronies.

One media outlet is determined to tackle Trump's hypocrisy, however. Matt Ortega, a former Clinton campaign staffer, launched Corrupt.AF to document all of Trump's self-serving actions. The site features a corruption clock, which marks how long it has been since Trump has done something underhanded (a measly three hours at the moment) and up-to-date reports. The ".af" at the end of the url is the country code for Afghanistan, but also stands for "as f***" in online abbreviations. 

Ortega launched, pays for and runs the site himself. He told Politico, "A lot of these examples are obvious conflicts, like having Ivanka Trump sit in on Trump's meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Abe. But they also include examples that show his policy on specific issues or, say, countries [where his position] could be swayed because of financial interest either in his business or his personal finances."

It is infuriating that after all of Trump's talk about "Crooked Hillary," he has already established himself as a president who will reward rich friends, use the presidency to benefit himself, and sell the government to big money donors. Hopefully people like Ortega and Klain will continue to expose Trump's self-serving agendas and America will finally see him for who he really is: A man who will always put his own special interests before the people he is supposed to serve.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @CitizenSlant

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