Looks Like Trump Has Attacked Nearly Everyone On Twitter, Except Putin

Donald Trump frequently criticizes people on Twitter but the Russian President Vladimir Putin remains immune.

President Donald Trump is famous for using his favorite social media tool, Twitter, to vent his anger and attack people.

On various occasions, he has attacked the media, politicians, TV shows, celebrities, the United Nations, companies and even celebrities.

However, an observation made by Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) was pretty spot on as he said that Trump has taken to Twitter to bash nearly everyone — but only one person and one country remains “immune.” By that he meant Vladmir Putin and Russia.

“There is intense public interest in the fact that our new president will attack anyone and everyone. He will attack the cast of ‘Hamilton.’ He will attack Chuck Schumer. He will attack our allies, Mexico and Germany. He will attack the intelligence community, which you lead, associating you with McCarthyism and Nazism,” he said.

“But there’s one person and one country which is immune, which is inoculated from any form of presidential attack. No matter what the behavior, no matter if there’s a violation of the INF nuclear treaty, no matter if Vladimir Putin kills political opponents — the new president defends, obfuscates, does not attack,” he added.

He made these remarks during a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee.

It is a well known fact that Trump uses Twitter to attack people but he has always remained criminally silent when it comes to Russia and Vladimir Putin. No matter how much he denies his relations with the Russian president, his silence on some serious issues such as violation of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty speaks volumes.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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