Trump-Supporting NJ Candidate Tells Woman ‘You Should F**k Me’

An outrageous video shows Brian McDowell telling a woman in a bar to “f***” him. He later justified by blaming his mistake on Jesus.

Brian McDowell, a New Jersey Republican in the run for a state Assembly seat in the 1st District, was caught on video making shameless remarks to a woman — all in the vein of the man who once mentored him, Donald Trump.

“You should f*** me,” said the unmarried 41-year-old real estate broker. “It would really be good. Listen, you never know.” 

As the Politico reported, McDowell was a former contestant on President Donald Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice” and even served as a coordinator for the commander-in-chief’s election campaign in Cape May County.

Once the video began making rounds on the internet, the Trump-backing candidate claimed the woman involved was actually his friend. He also went on to justify this outrageous behavior blaming his mistake on Jesus.

Yes, you read that right.

“Honestly, how many guys want to say that, but don’t?” McDowell said. “I spoke what was on my mind. Unfortunately, I don’t have a filter.”

“There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times. I’m not running to be the pope,” he continued. “I’m running to make New Jersey affordable. I hope the voters can get past it.”

McDowell admitted he was drunk that day. He also brought up a new definition of confidence to enlighten his supporters.

“Yes, I had a couple of drinks but it also shows the confidence that I have in a room,” he told the crowd. “And I believe in life most people enjoy confidence.”

Even if McDowell wasn’t running to represent his district and even if the woman in the video was his friend, the way he justified his actions to his voters is beyond cringe-worthy.

Considering how racism, xenophobia and disrespecting woman seems to have become a fast developing norm, he thought his “unfiltered” behavior was OK.

Following the backlash on the 10-second video, McDowell lost his party’s backing. He is still running to represent the Assembly's 1st Legislative District, which spans Cape May and parts of Atlantic and Cumberland counties.

This is not the first time McDowell has made headlines. 

In 2016, he claimed he possessed a potentially damaging audio of Trump that he obtained while he was on “The Apprentice,”  but said he wouldn’t release it because he wanted Trump to become the president.

However, The Donald loyalty card didn’t matter much to the GOP.

Marcus Karavan, chairman of the Cape May County GOP, wrote in an open letter that “issues and information” had surfaced related to McDowell “that were unknown” to the county committee before it endorsed him.

“This information places this candidate in a light that is inconsistent with several of the core principles of the Cape GOP,” Karavan wrote. “Accordingly, we cannot in good conscience support this candidate going forward.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Segar

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