‘Exhausted’ Trump Skips Saudi Arabia Event, Sends Ivanka Instead

President Donald Trump backed out of speaking at a youth forum in Saudia Arabia and sent Ivanka Trump in his place because he’s “an exhausted guy.”

President Donald Trump skipped out on a scheduled event in Saudi Arabia because he was too “exhausted” and sent his daughter, Ivanka Trump, as his proxy.

Ivanka Trump addressed the “tweeps” youth forum in Riyadh where she discussed combating extremism on social media, The Independent reports.

The president backed out of attending the event himself last minute on the second day of his Saudi Arabia visit and one day before he was set to meet with Israeli leaders to negotiate a peace strategy with Palestine.

When a White House official was asked why the president opted out of the speech he was supposed to give, she replied he was “just an exhausted guy.”

Interestingly, this is the second time in the last week that Ivanka Trump stepped in for her father as she previously led a White House meeting on human trafficking with members of Congress while the president gave a commencement speech for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

In case you have already put the 2016 election cycle behind you in an attempt to forget how we ended up with Trump as president, it should be noted that along the campaign trail he asserted that his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, did not have the “stamina” to be a successful president after she showed signs of exhaustion following a 9/11 memorial service on a warm New York City day.

Perhaps it was his own endurance he should have been concerned about considering that we are less than six months into his four-year term and he has already complained about how he thought being president "would be easier" and now, cries "exhaustion" on just the second day of his first overseas trip as president.

There has not been a very critical public response to his decision to ditch the “tweeps” youth forum appearance, however, this action does display more of his continued hypocrisy.

Additionally, tapping Ivanka Trump to replace him adds more fuel to the fire that lingers over the amount of political influence she has despite not being an elected official.

Although she has been named “special assistant” to the president, the tasks her role entails are unclear as she continues to take on responsibilities that seem to go beyond the call of duty.

The lines are so blurred that it’s no wonder why Fox affiliate anchor Shauna Parsons mistakenly referred to the president’s daughter as “first lady Ivanka Trump.”

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