Trump Blames 'Age Of Computer' Complications For Russian Hack

President-elect Donald Trump, a self-professed tech novice, blames the "complicated" internet age for Russia hacking our country and says it's time to "get on with our lives."

President-elect Donald Trump made another statement on Russia interfering in the United States presidential election that showed his lack of understanding about how technology works.

Trump has gone back and forth on whether or not Russia hacked the U.S.

At one point, he made some unusual — and factually inaccurate — comments about how hacking is done, claiming that hackers have to be caught in the act, which would make cybersecurity difficult.

Now that he seems to have publicly accepted that Russia hacked the nation, he has shown himself to be even more bamboozled by tech.

At a press conference in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump said, "I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer (sic) has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on."

Not only does Trump seem to shift the blame from Russia onto technology, he seems to think that computers and the internet are a vast unknown quantity, where cybersecurity cannot be assured — or even understood. 

Gizmodo recently analyzed Trump's tech use and concluded that he may never have used a computer. While Trump is known for his inflammatory and unpredictable Tweets, he has confessed in the past that he does not have a home or office computer, Gizmodo reports. During his presidential campaign, he was also photographed reading hard copies of articles from The Huffington Post.

Quite apart from not understanding the scope of the presidency, the intricacies of international relations, or why his Cabinet appointments are not qualified for their positions, Trump seems to be completely ignorant about how cybersecurity, and perhaps even the internet itself, works.

Trump's policies on "net neutrality" have concerned many in the past, and caused others to chuckle at his expense when he suggested "closing" parts of the internet

As politicians, including President Barack Obama, move in on imposing sanctions on Russia for its interference in the elections, Trump seems to see the internet as a mysterious and uncontrollable sea of information, with little comprehension of how the U.S. government protects itself from foreign hackers. As a result, he does not seem like somebody who is equipped to lead America into a technologically advanced future.

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