Trump Blames Democrats For Policy That Separates Immigrant Families

“Those are the bad laws the Democrats gave us. We have to break up families. Democrats gave us that law. It’s a horrible thing we have to break up families.”


Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a draconian measure to prosecute members of immigrant families who enter the United States illegally — even if that means separating children from their parents.

However, President Donald Trump is now very conveniently blaming the Democrats for the cruel policy.

“Those are the bad laws the Democrats gave us. We have to break up families. Democrats gave us that law. It’s a horrible thing we have to break up families. They don’t want to do anything about it,” he said during a roundtable discussion with California leaders, public officials, and others.

It is beyond one’s apprehension who Trump was really trying to fool, as he and his administration have relentlessly worked to keep immigrants out of the country since the beginning of his presidency.

On the other hand, when Democrats were in power, they never really explicitly targeted splitting immigrant families. 

Though the official announcement of the adoption of zero-tolerance policy towards anyone caught crossing into the U.S. by Border Patrol was made last week, the administration has long been separating families on the border.

In the past, the Trump administration had justified this appalling policy by claiming it stopped families from coming to the U.S. in future.

However, according to Vox, the entire premise of this particular policy stems from a faulty statistic as the administration cited fake stats to illustrate how effective its zero-tolerance policy was in keeping illegal border crossings at bay in the El Paso sector of the border.

In reality, the policy led to 64 percent increase in apprehensions–which directly contradicted the administration’s claims, as it said the border crossings of family members reduced by 64 percent.

Considering his long and appalling history of insulting immigrants, it was a very unconvincing attempt of the commander-in-chief to assert his administration wouldn’t have even thought about prosecuting immigrant families had it not been for the Democrats.

During the same roundtable discussion, Trump also made deeply disturbing remarks about deported immigrants by calling them “animals.”

Moreover, Trump had made sure to fill his administration with people who share his contempt for immigrants – including  Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who during the same discussion, described “the administration’s fight against undocumented immigrants as not just a fight, but a war.”

In an attempt to ramp up prosecutions of families at the border (including asylum-seekers), the Trump administration signaled last week it was considering holding immigrant children on military bases after separating them from their parents.

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