Trump Blames Everyone But Himself For His New Status As A Loser

Trump's initial gracious reaction to the Iowa loss did not last—he sent out tweets blaming the media, candidates, and even voters for his failure.

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The results of Monday’s Iowa Caucus led to shocking results—not only did projected frontrunner Donald Trump lose to Sen. Ted Cruz by 4 percent, but Sen. Marco Rubio was only a point away from tying with Trump.

These figures don’t bode well for the Trump campaign that has prided itself on annihilating the competition in the polls; the final poll conducted before the caucus showed Trump at a solid 28 percent to Cruz’s 23 percent and Rubio’s negligible 15 percent.

Clearly Trump’s campaign will have to do some recalibrating. However, following this startling loss, Trump gave a relatively sane, concise speech congratulating fellow candidates and looking ahead. We all expected the usual distribution of insults, with plenty of “losers” thrown into the mix, yet this was all Trump had to say:

“…we finished second and I want to tell you something: I'm just honored; I'm really honored. I want to congratulate Ted and all the incredible candidates, including Mike Huckabee, who's become a really good friend of mine. Congratulations to everybody…We'll be in New Hampshire and that will be something special. It's going to be a great week, and we're going to be up here next week."

This may be the only Trump speech in history in which he has not blatantly ridiculed anyone else. 

But we shouldn’t have worried, because The Donald was up to his usual antics by the time Tuesday morning rolled around. After 15 hours of Twitter silence, he sent out a series of tweets blaming the media, other candidates, and even the voters for his Iowa loss, while simultaneously arguing that he should essentially be considered a winner:






According to Trump’s own previous logic, no one should even remember that he ran in Iowa.


Yet here he is, proudly touting his failed campaigning and non-accomplishments, declaring himself a dark horse, “long-shot great finish.” We can only hope to see how ridiculously he spins the narrative if he loses New Hampshire next week as well. 

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