Trump Boasts About His ‘Expert Writing Skills’ With A Typo

Ironically Trump’s tweet boasting of his “bestselling books” and slamming mainstream media was misspelled.


Anyone who knows President Donald Trump knows he likes to boast about his “abilities.” Whether he actually has those “abilities” is another question entirely.

But this time, he went a little too far.

Trump, whose tweets are almost never without a mistake, gave Twitter users a good old laugh after he boasted about his “writing skills.”

Yes. You read that right; Trump’s “writing skills.”

The POTUS tried to take a very poorly-aimed shot at the press when he criticized them for “pouring” over his tweets, looking for a mistake, even though he has written “many best-selling books.” The claim was quickly rubbished by Trump biographer Tim O’Brien, who asserted Trump used ghostwriters for each of his “many books.” Even his tweets are reportedly staff-written.


While Trump wanted to let the world know he knew what he was writing about in his usually incoherent tweets because of, you know, his “expertise” in the field; ironically, even this particular tweet had a typo.






While the POTUS deleted his original tweet with a grammatical error, Twitter users’ reactions to the “established writer” were scathing to say the least.

In fact, big names like famed “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling could not stop laughing.








However, one should give credit where due; Trump might not be as great a writer as believes himself to be but he sure knows how to give his followers a good laugh.

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